Hi, my name is Matt. I make great video content possible. What can I enable for you?

Here’s some of my work:

Fallout 3 DLC - “Broken Steel”

Broken Steel, the third DLC for Fallout 3, was one of the most ambitious, so I knew I had to match it with a great trailer that would get people excited for a continuation of the main game's story. The trailer opens with a reference to the end of the original game, and kicks off from there to set up the main quest of the DLC. Unlike the E3 2008 trailer for the main game, the DLC trailers for F3 were pretty much solo affairs; I had to develop all of them largely on my own, from concept to finished product—I even did the motion graphics treatments for the titles and sound mixes myself. Getting the Liberty Prime group combat sequences was some of the most difficult capture I'd had to do up to that point. Of the five total DLC trailers I created for Fallout 3, this is my favorite.