Hi, my name is Matt. I make great video content possible. What can I enable for you?

Here’s some of my work:

Fallout 3 DLC - “Mothership Zeta”

By Mothership Zeta, the fifth and final DLC add-on for Fallout 3, the team had gone way out there on the concept—all the way into orbit, in fact. For much of the capture and initial editing I wasn't sure what VO would anchor it. It wasn't until late in the process that I realized that a series of holo-tapes scattered throughout the add-on—messages from previous abductees—might work to form the narrative backbone. Looking through the script I found one particular set I thought would work best. Imagine my shock when I went to listen to it in the game and realized it was one that I'D actually recorded for and completely forgotten about! With little time left and at the encouragement of Audio Producer Mark Lampert, I decided to re-write some lines for brevity, and headed back into the vocal booth to record them for the trailer—making this the only time I've cameoed in one of my own trailers.