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Here’s some of my work:

Fallout New Vegas E3 2010 Trailer

As I’d been the lead on Fallout 3’s E3 trailer for 2008, I was called upon to again capture and edit the gameplay portion of the planned E3 2010 trailer for the Obsidian-developed off-shoot follow-up, Fallout New Vegas. Australian firm Plastic Wax was in charge of the ED-E cinematic sequence that bookends the gameplay section.

It was fun to return to the Fallout universe after a year away. New Vegas had a very distinct feel—and this trailer was the first glimpse that people got of the game itself—so we worked hard to show some of the game’s most unique elements. My favorite shot from this has to be the big explosion shot on the Strip, mostly because I set it up by-hand in game and did some console gymnastics to make it work (including running the game at a very, very low speed during capture and speed ramping in post).


  • GameTrailers Top 100 Trailer of All Time - #90