Hi, my name is Matt. I make great video content possible. What can I enable for you?

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The Show

Everyone hasn't seen every movie—this much is obvious. But Matt? Matt is a special case. Raised on little besides PBS, classical music and Disney movies until age 12 has left him dangerously ill-equipped to deal with society, culture, and the world at large. After one too many utterances of "I haven't seen that" during lunchtime conversations, Ricky knew something had to be done.

Thus was born America's New Favorite Movie Podcast.* Each episode, Ricky chooses a new movie that Matt hasn't seen for the pair to view and discuss. Join them every other week as they make their way through some of the most artistically accomplished and culturally relevant films of our time.

The Hosts

MATT KILLMON.  Matt has not seen that. No, not that, either. Stop asking. What sort of man can survive in such a cultural and existential vacuum? We intend to find out.

When he's not busy drowning in his own cinematic ignorance, Matt edits video, takes pictures, and annoys everyone around him by referencing, recommending, and gushing over The Mountain Goats (as well as the occasional other band).

Hm.  Quite.

RICKY GONZALEZ.  Ricky has stared deep into the abyss of Matt's movie knowledge, and has found that he cannot look away. He has seen more movies than Matt, which is to say, any. At all. I mean, c'mon, seriously.

When he's not busy attempting to bestow his filmic wisdom upon the blank sheet that is Matt, Ricky engages in coding, playing complicated board games with too many pieces, and getting lost in a recurring fantasy of transferring his consciousness into a perfect, robotic body.