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Here’s some of my work:

Skyrim “Better With Kinect” Promo

This is one of the few live-shot pieces I did while at Bethesda, aside from some internal-only projects or short one-offs for awards shows. This was the original concept for the announcement of Skyrim's integration with Microsoft’s new Kinect peripheral on the 360—allowing players to use voice commands to perform new tasks in the interface. I worked with the principal programmer behind the Kinect support, Ricky Gonzalez, to imagine the sort of posh character who might introduce the new features to the world. Sadly, although everyone at Bethesda and most of the folks over at Microsoft thought this approach was hilarious, some higher-ups disagreed, and this video never saw the light of day. Still, from the lighting to the sound effects, and the cameo of my favorite useless applications ever (Ted Martens’ Pixel Fireplace), this is one of my favorite videos that the world never saw.