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Those of us mired in the present don't need to be told this, but to those lucky ones in the future reading this with blessed ignorance, a horrible school shooting happened today.

In our latest episode, Episode 1 — Robocop, there is a joke concerning a school shooting. It's debatable whether or not the joke was crass or funny to begin with, but I think we can all agree that it has no place here, now, where so many are already in pain.

Out of respect for the loss of life today, we've removed the offending joke from the uploaded podcast, here and on iTunes. It exists as a moment of silence at 19:20.

Those of you in the now: if you wish to donate to those families in need, please visit here or here.  

It's a tough gig, being a humorist in times like this: no one feels like laughing and we don't much feel like joking. But, we can be silent. And we can promise more of our quality programming once you feel like laughing again. And you will, we promise. Thanks again, and stay safe.