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Introducing Show Notes™

In case you haven’t listened to the newly released Episode 3, we’re proud to celebrate the debut of a New Podcast Feature®—a little something we like to call “Show Notes™”.

If you’re like Matt, you might feel a little lost during our dense, meandering “show”. But fear not! Free from the time constraints of actually editing the podcast or doing anything really of note ever, Ricky has carefully combed through the episode and compiled a list of time-stamped reference material to give context and/or expand upon our one-off quips and rambling tangents.

But we haven’t just added Show Notes™ to Episode 3 and beyond. Ricky has also retconned Show Notes™ into each of our previous episodes as well! It’s like a whole new barrel of fun for the shows you’ve already enjoyed! Try Show Notes™ again for the first time—we love ‘em, and we think you will too.