Hi, my name is Matt. I make great video content possible. What can I enable for you?

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This is pretty much the vibe of the show.

This is pretty much the vibe of the show.

Two men. Two mics. A whole world of cinema.

Matt grew up watching mostly PBS, and missed out on a lot of the classic movies of… well, just most movies, really. Ricky has set out to correct this deep and fundamental character flaw, with the help of occasional guest hosts. The results of his unending quest are documented in America's New Favorite Movie Podcast*: Matt Hasn't Seen That!

Obviously Matt Hasn't Seen That is in "archive mode". Overwhelmed by the effort required to edit the podcast, Matt dipped out after only six episodes (an unfinished seventh episode remains in The Vault). However, those six episodes are preserved here (with their original Show Notes included) for posterity's sake.